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Websites, Web Hosting, Social Media Specialists, Internet Marketing.

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  Marketing Plan’s Designed to Focus on Your Needs and Budget.


Your Internet Presence:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media


   Marketing Campaigns:

  • Create a plan to Target your Brand/Services to the proper places.
  • Set goals and achievement dates
  • Help you get the proper tools to manage your Marketing efficiently.


 “Our Focus is Always on Your Needs.”

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  Because We are Web Hosts We have more control of Your Data,

  the Functionality of Your Site, and We can pass the Savings on to You!


   The Benefits of Using our Web Hosting Services are:    

  •      Unlimited Web space for your site.
  •      Dual Server Hosting,  continuous backup for your site.   
  •      You never lose any of your content.
  •      All types of Domains available: .com, .info, .us, .co, .mobi, etc.     
  •      Free Sub Domains: blog.yourdomain.com
  •      SSL Security Certificates Available.
  •      Optional Private Domain Registry      
  •      2 Free Custom Email Accounts with every New Website.

                        Example: service@yourdomain.co

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We Create and Design Business Sites, Sites for Organizations,
Websites, Blogs, Online Portfolios, Resumes,
E-Commerce Stores and much more.

         Custom Package:
  •       Designed and Created by PATG.
  •       We enter all Content and Your Information for you.
  •       We Design a Custom Template to fit you.
  •       Custom facebook Landing Page.
  •       2 Free Custom E-mail accounts. 
  •       A Free Custom Domain.


    Basic Package

  •       Designed and Created by PATG.
  •       We enter all Content and Your Information for you.
  •       2 Free Custom E-mail accounts. 
  •       Custom Domain.


       Economy Package:
  •       We upload and Configure the site for you.
  •       You enter all of your Information for you. 
  •       2 Free Hours of training. (Saving you $ in the Future).
  •       2 Free Custom E-mail accounts. 
  •       Custom Domain.



          A La Carte:
  •      E-Commerce Stores.
  •      Additional Custom E-mail accounts.
  •      Custom facebook landing pages.
  •      Social Media accounts set up and design.
  •      Facebook 
  •      Twitter
  •      Google+
  •      Youtube
  •      MySpace
  •      ReverbNation



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