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Websites, Web Hosting, Social Media Specialists, Internet Marketing.

”Whether you are a newcomer to Social Media or think you know a lot, Rob is the perfect person to help you find new and successful ways to Market your Business using the Internet. His knowledge and desire to maximize your Business potential is unlimited. As the Media avenues multiply, he is right there to help you plug into it.
Rob has changed the way I think about The Fish Folks and Dale’s Youngstone Art and Music. I am much more aware of opportunities to communicate and share with existing and potential clients. The name of his business “Promoting All Things Good” says it all, and he does it ‘Good’! His enthusiasm is infectious and his sincerity is genuine. “

Victoria Dickinson. Co-Owner, “The Fish Folks” and “Youngstone Art”

“Rob is the living embodiment of the name of his organization “Promoting All Things Good.” He is an utterly sincere man with a big heart. Rob is a team player and seldom seeks his own advantage over that of the team, group, organization, or business of which he is a part. Rob is a great encourager of others. I would consider it a rare privilege to collaborate with Rob in any endeavor. He is the essence of trustworthiness. ”

Mark Hilditch Outreach Coordinator, Horizon Hospice